• I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Hung-Hsi Wu, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, UC-Berkeley.  I have benefited immensely from his insightful mathematics education articles, which he has generously made available at his website.  I  homeschooled my two sons for three years and I continue to teach math to my sons using Wu’s work. When I teach them mathematics, I strive to put into effect Prof. Wu’s thorough, logical and coherent approach as explained in his book “Understanding Numbers in Elementary School Mathematics” (American Mathematical Society, 2011).  Accordingly, in my videos, I have made a conscious effort to adhere to the mathematical rigor emphasized by Prof. Wu, by using precise grade-appropriate definitions and clear reasoning.  Any inaccuracies are, however, solely my responsibility!  Visitors are welcome to email me comments, suggestions, and/or corrections.

  • I wish to thank Dr. Helen Grundman, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Bryn Mawr College warmly for her many invaluable suggestions.