Fractions and Decimals

Common Core Math aligned videos for Math Teachers or Adult Students or Parents:

Introduction to Fractions:

                   A brief overview of Dr. Hung-Hsi Wu’s approach to teaching fractions

                  The number line

                  Multiples of a point P on the number line

                  Multiples of 1/2 on the number line

                  Observations about the multiples of 1/2 on the number line

                  Multiples of 1/5 on the number line                  

Equivalent Fractions:

                   Equivalent fractions -exploration-Part 1

                   Equivalent fractions (A Fundamental fact)-Part 2

                   Equivalent fractions – Part 3

The Cancellation Law:

                 The Cancellation law for fractions

Adding Fractions with like denominators :

                 Adding two fractions with like denominators: Definition and an example

                 Formula for adding fractions with like denominators

                  Multiplication of a Fraction by a whole number

Adding Fractions with unlike denominators:

                Adding fractions with unlike denominators- Example 1

               Adding fractions with unlike denominators- Example-2

               Formula for adding fractions wit unlike denominators and an example

               Adding Fractions with unlike denominators – Special case 1

Mixed  Numbers(Set 1):

                 Proper and Improper Fractions

                Improper Fractions where the numerator is a multiple of the denominator

                 Mixed Number Notation

                Converting 25/6 into a mixed number

                Converting improper fractions into mixed numbers – examples.

                Converting mixed numbers into improper fractions

                Adding Mixed Numbers

                Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Decimals videos (Set-1)

                Introduction to finite decimal notation

                Converting decimal fractions to finite decimals

                 Converting finite decimals to decimal fractions

                 Adding extra zeros to the right end of a finite decimal

                 Writing a whole number as a finite decimal

                 Labeling tenths on the number line by finite decimals

                 Converting some special fractions into finite decimals

                 Adding Two Finite Decimals

                 Complete expanded form of a finite decimal

                   Writing some chosen mixed numbers as finite decimals

Division Interpretation of a fraction

Multiplication of a Fraction by a whole number(review)

             Partitive interpretation of division

             Definition of 3÷ 5

            Summary of the Division interpretation of a fraction

The mathematical interpretation of the word OF in the phrase a/b OF  c/d 

         a/b of n, where n is a multiple of b    

         a/b of c/d where c is a multiple of b

        a/b of n where n is not a multiple of b

      a/b of c/d where c is not a multiple of b          

       The formula for a/b of c/d

               a/b of x and area models


Product formula for fractions  and its applications

             Product of two fractions: Definition and formula

                Multiplying two finite decimals

              Fractions and area models (review)

              Area of a rectangle whose side lengths are unit fractions

              Area of a rectangle whose side lengths are fractions    

Division of a fraction by a non-zero fraction

             Division of fractions: definition

              Computing 5÷(1/3) using the definition

               Computing 3÷ (1/4) using the definition

              Computing (1/4)÷3 using the definition

              A quick summary of a few specific examples of division of fractions

             (3/2) ÷ (4/5)